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Simon Greirson

Simon Greirson, founder of IPRA (2015)

Simon Greirson is an industry building professional with extensive experience in the residential, commercial and government sectors.

From the early days of “being on the tools”, to present time where a tool kit is still not far away,  Simon has become a leading building consultant that has worked closely with industry experts in the field of general building, to include detailed interaction with architects & structural engineers along with specialist fields to include electrical, plumbing, timber flooring, giving him a very well-rounded approach to problems within a building or structure.  Since 2010, Simon’s field of expertise has been focused within the insurance building industry, along with private sector building inspections.

Simon not only thrives on bettering himself but helping others due to his love for teaching. Simon has a unique style that is both technical and approachable giving him the ability to analyse a situation whilst listening to all points of concern with an opened approach.

With over 30 years experience, Simon’s knowledge and deep understanding of building elements have made him a well recognized consultant in the industry.


Simon is an industry professional with established practical experience in the building and construction industry. Simon always looking at better ways of doing things, streamlining processes and overcoming obstacles that are counterproductive.

Simon’s business values of customer first, integrity, respect, treating all people equal and business excellence as well as leading by example and constantly looking for change and innovation to improve the business and his customers experience.

With a business mindset of creating a vision in a collaborating environment for his team and partners with clear roles and responsibilities.

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At IPRA, our customers always come first, providing reliable and factual information. We strive to continue to add value by growing our services, technology and knowledge to better serve our customers.

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Thank you so much for your help with all of this it really means a lot. It is so good to have someone who knows what they are doing. I am truly grateful for your support we would never have got this job done without your support. Thanks for making my Christmas feel safe and happy.


G’day Simon

Firstly let me thank you for the very comprehensive report on the issues facing owners at  Parry St. Your report was very helpful in our decisions on how to proceed with repairs.

Simon A. 

Good afternoon,

I thank Simon Greirson from IPRA for his professionalism and thorough assessment.


Hey Simon, 

Nice report as usual Simon, thank you 😊


Uncovering the Unknown

Presenting the Facts

Openness, Trust and Collaboration

Client Confidence

Uncovering the Unknown

Presenting the Facts

Openness, Trust and Collaboration

Client Confidence


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